WASH BUNDLE With Acid Wheel Cleaner


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KKD Wiggle Mitt

  • -High quality chenille noodle style wash mitt . A must have item for your safe wash.
  • -*Colours will vary from product image*

MINT WASH Maintenance Shampoo 500ml

  • A high performing car shampoo that contains no gloss enhancers or modifiers. Dilutes up to 250:1 making it extremely economical in use. Contains anti-mar properties making it ideal for maintenance details whilst its pH neutral cleaning abilities also make it perfectly suited for everyday use.

DEVILS JUICE Acidic Wheel Cleaner Gel 500ml

  • DEVILS JUICE Acidic wheel cleaner is a highly advanced formula that when diluted with water thickens to a gel like consistency that helps the product cling to the wheel surface longer.
    Removes baked on carbon deposits and those brownish films that normal wheel cleaners find hard to removeWe recommend you dilute at 1:3 to 1:4


  • Detailing Brush ideal for getting in between exterior badges, door shuts and interior vents and wheels etc

KRYSTAL KLEAR Glass Cleaner 500ml

  • This product was developed from a personal need for a glass cleaner that did’nt leave streaks everywhere, evaporated within a reasonable time and actually lifted grease and grime rather than rub it around the glass.
    Well look no more, this is the product that combats all of the previous problems associated with liquid glass cleaners and with a very pleasant alcoholic bubblegum fragrance.
    Non ammonium formula so safe to use on LCD display screens and iDrive screens also.


New and Improved CITRUS MAGIC from KKD. What’s new? The original Citrus magic rapidly became one of our best selling products due to performance and economy. When looking at ways to improve an already best selling product we looked towards increased economy, replacing some ingredients with friendlier and stronger alternatives whilst retaining the performance that was popular with trade and home users alike. We have also retained the foaming agents that allow it a longer dwell time when applied by foam lance and also the bactericidal agents that target mould and algae that is common on soft top convertibles.
It is a true all rounder as it can be used for any of the following:
-As a prewash through a hand sprayer or pressure pump.
-As an All Purpose Cleaner on interior fabric and plastics.
-As a cleaner for convertible soft top roofs as it also contains anti-bactericidal agents to help prevent mould regrowth.
-Perfect for bug and fly splatter removal

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