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PURITY ‘X’ Polymer Concentrate 150ml

  • PURITY ‘X’ is an extremely concentrated blend of siloxane polymers. It can be used as an aid to the wash process during the final rinse or can be used purely as a spray on sealant depending upon dilution rates used.
  • At dilutions of 10:1 it can be used as a conventional sealant. Apply to the panel via applicator, wait to haze and then buff clear. This will provide up to six months durability.
  • PURITY ‘X’ can also be applied through a foam lance. When 5ml is mixed with 500ml of water and applied to the vehicle surfaces it will act as a sealant application and provide a stand alone layer of protection with enhanced gloss levels or boost the existing LSP. For regular maintenance work 1ml in 500ml of water will maintain the finish and hydrophobic qualities
  • Can be used on all painted surfaces and also glass.
  • Comes supplied with a 10ml syringe for accurate dosing and economy.
  • NOTE: PURITY X is an extremely concentrated blend of polymers and must not be stored next to radiators or other similar heat sources for extended periods of time.

Si-Coat Spray Sealant 150ml

  • KKD SiCOAT is a silicon polymer sealant which gives incredible gloss to paintwork. It utilises silane chemistry which helps lock that in that deep weet look shine.
  • The unusual properties of SiCOAT come from the inclusion of silicone wax. This is not to be confused with silicons with wax added but a genuine engineered silicon wax chemistry. The combination of the wax and silane gives a really strongly bound network which gives insane water beading and excellent durability. In everyday use the durability is greater than for some products which will sell themselves as pure sealants, yet it is as easy to use and non-demanding of prep as a QD.
  • SiCOAT can be used as a periodic sealant but can also be used at regular wash intervals. It has the ability to bond to most surfaces and can be used over waxes, sealants and ceramics. It can also be used under waxes too if you require a more durable base layer. Great for full on gloss and protection in the summer months and even better for maintenance through the harsh winter months.
  • Can be applied either by spray or applicator…just apply and buff and step back and admire the gloss….its that simple.


  • The KKD C-ERASER microfibre. By far our best selling towel. Favoured by the general public and trade user for its all round cleaning abilities. General cleaning, high absorbancy, friendly to paint with no marring. Perfect for the removal of ceramic residues.
  • Two sided with one side showing a short nap that removes residues with a single swipe. The alternative side biffs to a deep gloss shine.
  • 280gsm


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