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ReGLOSS PLUS All In One Glaze 500ml

  • ReGloss Plus is a true All-In-One product
  • ReGLOSS Plus is primarily designed for machine use. Apply a few drops to a finishing pad and apply via DA or Rotary machine. The micro abrasives will remove light swirls and ‘spider webbing’ whilst leaving behind a glaze combined with a wax and polymer film providing superb gloss coupled with protection for 6 to 8 weeks.
  • ReGLOSS Plus can be used as a perfect base for a sealant such as Si-Coat or your favourite wax for even added gloss and protection.
  • Also available as an option with a Liquid Elements Centriforce 145mm finishing pad.

TYRESOL Tyre & Trim Dressing 500ml

  • Krystal Kleen Detail Tyresol is a luxury solvent based tyre and trim dressing. Not quite a liquid but not quite a gel but the perfect consistency to ensure excellent coverage, maximum durability and no sling once dry within 30 minutes. Can be applied by applicator, brush or microfibre for a wet and glossy finish.
  • Also perfect for restoring and dressing exterior body trim. Can also be layered for a higher gloss and extended durability.
  • Easy application
  • Pleasant Grape Fragrance
  • Quick drying
  • No sling
  • Wet look
  • Superb Durability
  • Can also be used to dress plastic and rubber wheel arch liners and under chassis parts for a high gloss finish
  • For a more satin looking effect TYRESOL can be diluted down with an appropriate thinning agent such as panel wipe or white spirit

Tyre Dressing Applicator (Blue Round)

  • For applying tyre and vinyl dressing. Easy to hold during application of thicker gel type dressings

MIST X’ Quick Detailer Spray 250ml

  • MIST X’ Quick Detailing Spray is a concentrated polymer blend for fast and easy finishing of painted surfaces.
  • Advanced wetting agents ensure excellent coverage and a very thin polymer coating which enhances the gloss and reflectivity of surfaces. The hydrophobic polymers provide a boost to your LSP and ensure excellent buffability and offer mar resistance thanks to the super slick finish.
    Also works exceptionally well as a drying aid at wash time.
  • Oh..nearly forgot to mention…it smells of strawberries too…..


  • The KKD C-ERASER microfibre. By far our best selling towel. Favoured by the genaral public and trade user for its all round cleaning abilities. General cleaning, high absorbancy, friendly to paint with no marring. Perfect for the removal of ceramic residues.
  • Two sided with one side showing a short nap that removes residues with a single swipe. The alternative side biffs to a deep gloss shine.
  • 280gsm

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