Liquid Elements Grey Soft Brush Brush Set

The very soft Liquid Elements Grey Soft Brush brushes are ideal for all hard-to-reach areas, both inside and outside the vehicle. The special feature here is the wide range of possible uses, as the very soft bristles are suitable for paint, foil, glass and plastic surfaces without damaging the surface or creating scratches.

The extra stable and very soft bristles are also resistant to slightly alkaline and slightly acidic cleaning agents. Nevertheless, it is recommended to wash out the brush after using an alkaline or acidic cleaner.


– very soft bristles
– bristles made of synthetic fibre
– work without scratches


– emblems
– rims
– ventilation grilles
– rubber manchettes
– seals


– Total length: 21.5-24.5cm
– length of brush hair: 4.5-5.3cm
– head diameter: 2.4-3.8cm
– handle length / handle: 14.5-16cm